What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?   

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Summer is a fun season. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a much-needed vacation, cross off some items on your to-do list, soak up some sun, and spend quality time with family and friends. However, unfortunately sometimes unpleasant situations develop that we’d rather not encounter. Of course, when the unexpected occurs, we just must deal with it and handle it accordingly. We aren’t trying to worry you, but your Circleville Heating & Cooling HVAC professionals want you to be prepared for every scenario, so keep reading for suggestions and methods on what to do if your A/C goes out this summer. 

How Can You Troubleshoot If Your A/C Were To Go Out?   

If your air conditioner goes out this summer, there are a few simple troubleshooting techniques you can use. Please, keep in mind that these methods are for basic troubleshooting. However, major repairs and extensive troubleshooting should always be done by specialists. To begin, check the thermostat if your A/C unit is acting strangely; it may be time for the batteries to be changed. If the display on the thermostat is not powered on, it’s possible that the batteries are depleted and require replacement. But if the batteries are good upon inspection, you can try lowering the temperature to see if your system responds and cold air blows out of your vents.  

If the problem persists, check the compressor outside to ensure that it is operating properly. The compressor should be operating with its normal whirring sound. If it is making an irregular noise, contact an HVAC professional immediately. Finally, check your circuit breaker to see whether the A/C switch has been inadvertently switched to the “off” position. It may be as simple as flipping the switch back to “on.” 

What Are Some Things You Should NOT Do If Your A/C Were To Go Out?  

You may be irritated at this point and eager to get your air back up and running. Perhaps you’re a handy person who likes doing repairs yourself. Though it might be tempting to attempt a repair yourself, we recommend that you seek the help of a licensed HVAC professional for major repairs and intricate troubleshooting. DIY repairs have many safety risks involved and can lead to one issue after another resulting in a never-ending snowball effect. So, it’s usually better to leave the diagnosing and repairs to the professionals.  

We also want to mention that, if possible, avoid leaving your windows open, as well as the regular closing and opening of external doors. If your system isn’t functioning, keeping as much cold air inside your house as possible is a good idea. Of course, this also keeps out hot summer air too.  

Finally, if you discover that your system may need a professional diagnosis, contact a licensed heating and cooling business like Chillicothe Heating & Cooling. All of our experts are NATE-certified, well-trained, and experienced in the HVAC sector. 

What Are Some Things You Can Try To Provide Relief In the Meantime?   

Portable air conditioners, ceiling fans, or electric cooling devices are excellent options to keep you cool in the meantime. Wear light, breathable clothing materials for optimum comfort. And help reduce the overall temperature in your home, by drawing and window treatments closed. 

It is important to be prepared! Life constantly throws curveballs our way. But the good news is that we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. We provide emergency services all year round. So, if anything happens, you may count on Circleville Heating & Cooling to come to your rescue as soon as possible! You can call (740) 218-5323, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!