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Are you looking for a new furnace for your home and working with a budget? No worries! We at Circleville Heating & Cooling, we believe no one should ever have to sacrifice comfort or quality to save on furnace replacement costs.

When you choose our team, we make the whole furnace installation process a fast, friendly and positive experience that’s sure to leave you with both comfort and peace of mind in knowing you called the right HVAC team the first time. Because our team has been in this business for more years than we can count, we’ve been successful in finding highly-innovative and effective ways to cut costs to customers without cutting quality in the slightest.

We treat our customers the way they would want to be treated if we were in their shoes looking to make a major home buying decision like this. No matter how big or small the job, we guarantee customer satisfaction above all else and stand behind all our work. We have the prices you want, the service you need and the comfort you deserve.

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We are always standing by, ready to come out and get your comfort-making equipment back online. Family owned and operated, our mission is your comfort so your comfort and satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Picking the Right Furnace

A Furnace Buying Guide for Homeowners

Having a dependable running furnace that’s efficient is essential for keeping your home safe, warm and comfortable throughout the wintertime. But how do you figure out which type of furnace is best for your home and your specific needs? If you’re looking to replace an aging heating system, the following guide is designed to help guide you through the buying process:

Furnace Type 


  • Modulating Gas Furnaces: Of all the gas furnaces, this type regulates heat the most precisely. It’s ideal for colder climates to regulate room temperatures evenly and efficiently.
  • Single-Stage Gas Furnaces: A standard single-stage furnace features a gas valve that opens and closes. The gas flows at a single rate, which is high. Single-stage gas furnaces operate at about 80 percent AFUE and are best for milder climates.
  • Two-Stage Gas Furnaces: For optimal efficiency, two-stage gas furnaces enable the gas to flow high or low. To regulate the temperature, the unit’s thermostat communicates with the furnace.
  • Electric Furnaces: Although they aren’t as economical as gas furnaces, electric furnaces are still popular options. They heat air by moving it over electric coils and distributing the warmed air throughout the home.
  • Oil Furnaces: Oil furnaces are ideal for homeowners who don’t have access to other types of fuels.

Energy Efficiency

So that consumers can compare efficiency ratings, the Federal Trade Commission requires all new furnaces display AFUE ratings. The AFUE represents the annual heat output of the furnace compared to the total annual energy consumed. An AFUE of 80 percent means that 80 percent of the energy heats the home while the other 20 percent escapes. AFUE does not include any heat lost through the duct system.

Although having a furnace with a high rating is important, the cost of the fuel source should also be taken into consideration as it can take away from the furnace’s efficiency. The most efficient furnace is an electric one. An electric furnace barely loses any energy. The AFUE rating for an electric furnace is 95 to 100%. However, in spite of the high-efficiency level, electricity is more expensive. This means electric furnaces the most expensive to run.

Fuel source

Because it’s readily available and usually the least expensive, natural gas is the most popular fuel source. Moreover, gas furnaces are usually cheaper to purchase and install, and they’re a lot less messy than oil furnaces.

However, if gas supply is not available in your area, the next best choice is oil. Overall, electric furnaces are the cheapest to buy and install. However they don’t heat large homes very well and will cost the most to operate in electric bills.


Installing a furnace that’s properly sized is the essential to heating your home. If the home heating unit is too small, it won’t heat your entire home. A furnace that is too big, on the other hand, will waste money on fuel by generating heat you don’t need. A variety of factors determine the best size, including things like insulation, square footage, ceiling height and the number of windows. To guarantee we put the right size unit in a home, we perform an in-house evaluation that includes all these factors and more.

Check Reviews

When you finally decide to buy a furnace, check the system’s manufacturer reviews through Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau to see how customers respond to problems and complaints. If you are having the furnace professionally installed, check reviews for the HVAC contractor as well.

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Exceptional Heat System Repair and Replacement in Circleville, OH

Should I Repair Or Replace My Furnace?

Anytime a furnace breaks down, repairing it can be quite expensive depending on the problem. Having said that, if you find yourself having to repair your home heating system more and more often, you may wonder whether it’s better to repair your furnace or replace it. Below we list seven essential questions and answers that will help you decide whether to repair or replace your furnace:

1. How Old Is My Furnace Now?

Furnaces usually last around 15 years at least, and often even longer if they’re properly serviced and maintained over the years by a professional. Nevertheless, as a furnace gets older, shelling out for expensive repairs makes less and less sense.

2. What Condition is the Furnace In?

Investing in repair parts and labor on a system that’s been running beautifully is usually well worth the money. However, if the furnace is loud, rusty, sooty, blowing cold air and running up your heating bill, it might be time to say goodbye, especially if there’s any safety issues.

3. What’s the Projected Cost Of Repairs?

This question also ties back to the previous two questions. The age and condition of your furnace will help you determine how much you should spend for repairs.
For example, spending a few hundred dollars on a furnace that’s middle-aged isn’t unreasonable. However, if the repair estimate comes to more than a thousand, your money is probably much better spent investing in a new model.

4. Will A New Furnace Save Me?

Advances in HVAC technology are shocking to some customers. Today’s furnaces are far more energy-efficient than those of even a few years ago. If you install a new unit, you can confidently expect your fuel bills and your carbon footprint to drop.

5. Questions About Air Quality & Temperature Control

A new furnace can provide superior home comfort in a variety of ways. For example, you can add on an air purifier or whole-house humidifier in your furnace to improve indoor air quality. You can also set up your new furnace so that you can set your heating at different temperatures in different zones of your home.

6. Are There Any Rebates Or Special Offers For A New Furnace?

Take advantage of special offers and deals that will make the purchase of a new home heating system more affordable. You could qualify for a program such as the Home Efficiency Rebate, which is offered to incentivize upgrading your home’s energy efficiency.

7. What Will My Budget Cover?

To make this determination, you will have to crunch the numbers and see what you can afford. When you balance the cost to repair or replace a furnace, usually the repair has a lower upfront price tag. However, rebates and special offers (as outlined above), combined with your potential savings on fuel bills, can turn furnace replacement into a much more budget-friendly option.

Whether You Repair Or Replace – We’re Here For You

Whether you decide to repair your furnace or replace it, letting the friendly professionals at Circleville Heating & Cooling handle the job for you is a wise way to go. We’d be happy to discuss your various options and go over our financing options as well.

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