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When it gets super cold outside, the air inside is sure to become very dry. Unless, that is, you own a humidifier.

Without adequate levels of humidity in a home, Ohio’s excessively dry winter air can wreak havoc on your breathing and health, causing dry and cracking skin. It can even cause damage to our cabinetry, flooring, furniture and other types of wood in your home. If you’ve ever felt the shock of static electricity during the winter months in your home, this is another sure sign of low levels of humidity.

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Benefits of Using a Humidifier

Having a whole home humidifier installed can have a number of benefits to your health, home, and well-being. Here are just a few:

Reduce the Risk of Illness.

Bacteria and viruses can’t travel as well in moist air. It is possible that using a humidifier might prevent you from catching a bug during the cold season. In any case, dry air can cause a host of health-related problems.

Prevents Morning Sore Throat.

Because overly dry air affects your vocal cords, it can leave you with a dry, scratchy throat in the morning. Keeping the air moist and maintaining humidity levels during the winter helps provide relief to your vocal cords, especially while you sleep.

Comfortable Sinuses.

Have you ever woken up with a dry nose that felt stiff during the winter? Even if you don’t have a cold, winter air dries out the sinuses and lowers one’s immunity to airborne and other bacteria. More moisture in the air means more comfortable sinuses.

Lowers Heating Bill.

Throughout the summer months the more the humidity in the air, the warmer it feels in the home. This is because the excess moisture in the air makes it feel warmer. By adding some moisture to the air in your home during these months, you’ll end up saving on your heating bills.

Softer, Healthier Skin.

The dry winter air zaps all that much-needed moisture from your skin causing dryness, which leads to flaking and accelerates aging. A humidifier can alleviate these damaging effects, and help you maintain vibrant looking skin.

Protect Furniture.

Not enough moisture in the air in your home can cause wood furnishing, woodwork and wood flooring to crack and even split. Using a humidifier helps preserve the integrity of the wood in your home.

Better Sleep.

If you or someone in your home snores at night, it might be related to dry sinuses, which makes snoring worse. A moist environment that has ideal humidity levels can soothe dry sinuses, lower snoring levels and bring you the comfort conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Minimize Static Electricity.

With dry winter air there also comes static electricity in the form of shocks that are almost inevitable in some homes during the winter. No one likes a jarring jolt of a static shock or having their clothing stick to them. It’s not good for your electronics either. Using a humidifier helps reduce, if not eliminate, static electricity in your home during winter.

Faster Recovery From Illness.

If you do wind up with a cold, the flu, or a sinus infection, a humidifier is a sure way to reduce your recovery and healing time. The moisture in the air helps you bounce back, keeping your nasal passages and throat moist. This minimizes symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

Healthier Pet & Plant Life.

We aren’t the only ones affected by winter’s dry air. Our pets and plants living in the home are affected as well. Plant leaves begin to look droopy and the soil seems dryer than normal. Pets, depending on the type, are affected in other ways. Humidifiers help keep you and your pets and plants healthy.

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What Is a Whole-Home Humidifier?

For those especially dry months, humidifiers are devices that add moisture (or humidity) to the air in a home or building according to its needs. A humidifier can be used for a single room, it can apply to a small area. We also have humidifiers for an entire home or building. Whole-home humidifiers can be linked with the fan in your furnace, HVAC system, or air handler to blow humidified air throughout the ductwork and into the home. They can also work independently of your HVAC equipment to maintain humidity levels even when the furnace or air handler isn’t in use as a stand alone product. Humidifiers are essential in dryer climates, like Ohio’s winter months, when the air dries out in the home to an extent that can aggravate one’s health and even damage the home itself and woodwork inside it. The relative level of humidity should be at least 30 to 35 percent in the home.

Aprilaire Humidifier

Ready to Have a Whole Home Humidifier Installed?

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Exceptional Indoor Air Quality Services in Circleville, OH

Types of Humidifiers

Controlling the humidity levels in a home in Ohio is essential for health reasons, in addition to protecting possessions and maintaining indoor comfort. Experts say indoor humidity levels should fall between 30 to 50%.

While high levels of humidity can cause health problems and property damage, low humidity can cause these problems too. If your home is too dry, you should consider investing in a humidifier to add moisture to the air. This will optimize your home heating system in the winter and relieve dry air and low humidity problems like wood damage, chapped lips, dry skin, flu symptoms, and allergy and asthma flare-ups. Below are the different types of humidifiers available:

Humidifier Technologies

  1. Central Humidifier

    Central or whole-home humidification units are installed directly into a homeowners HVAC system and work effectively to humidify the dwelling evenly throughout.

  2. Impeller Humidifier

    These are also called a “cool mist humidifier.” They utilize a rotating disc that emits water through a diffuser. This breaks larger droplets up into a fine mist. They are considered a child-friendly option, and require minimal energy to humidify a larger area. The downside is that they can be noisy and a home for bacteria, which tends to gather around the filter.

  3. Evaporator Humidifier

    These single units add moisture to the room it is placed in. Similar to how a boiling pot of water evaporates and sends moisture to the air, an evaporator humidifier works the same way. They are small and relatively inexpensive options. However, they’re only intended for a small area.

  4. Steam Vaporizers

    These portable units can be found at your area drugstore or online but keep in mind, they are known to cause burns. Be careful using them if you have pets or small children.

  5. Ultrasonic Humidifier

    This is a single unit that puts moisture in the air with the use of high-frequency sound vibrations. These vibrations produce an extra fine water mist.

Humidifier Sizes

  1. Whole-Home Humidifier

    Whole-home humidifiers are the ideal choice for homeowners wanting consistent humidity throughout their home. We install this product directly to your HVAC system and it humidifies or dehumidifies the entire residence, making them perfect for year-round use. They extract or add moisture as needed to reach the desired humidity level. Because excess moisture is removed through a drain pipe, you never need to fuss with emptying the accumulated water.

  2. Portable Units

    If you don’t have a major humidity problem and you’re only looking to dehumidify or humidify one or two small areas or rooms in your home, portable units are great options. They’re mobile, and often come with a built-in humidistat/hygrometer so you can accurately achieve the humidity level you want.

  3. Large, Semi-Portable Units

    If the smaller don’t do it for you, you might need a larger unit. Although these larger units are technically portable, you usually set it up in the room you need it in the most and leave it because they can be a hassle moving because of their size. If, however, you are ignoring the source of your humidity problem and trying to fix it with a machine without addressing the source of the problem, you can easily make things a whole a lot worse.

Ready to Have a Whole Home Humidifier Installed?

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