What Is the History of the Modern Furnace?

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Modern technology has come a long way. Today’s technology allows us to stay cozy and warm in the comfort of our homes. In less than a century, having an HVAC system has become a basic need in every American household. Within the past decade, technology has progressed even further. We now enjoy the convenience of smart thermostats and controlling our heating systems with just a couple of taps on our phones. But how did we get here, and where did it all start? Join your Circleville Heating & Cooling professionals as we embark on this quick journey into the history of the modern furnace.

Where Did It All Start? 

The ability to stay warm and keep warm was a primary factor contributing to humanity’s survival. You could say it all started with a spark. The primordial method to keep warm was basic wood-burning fireplaces or an occasional open fire. Unfortunately, this was not an efficient, long-lasting way to keep a household warm.

When Was the Radiator Born?

Around 15 AD, the Romans developed a radiator known as the hypocaust. This consisted of a complex system of tunnels channeled underneath their floors. These tunnels led to a lower-level room where large amounts of wood were burned nonstop to produce warmth and steam from hot water. This warm air then traveled through the tunnels under the flooring to keep the rooms above as warm as possible.

In 1855, Dave Lennox enhanced the use of radiators by developing a more cost-effective coal-fueled cast iron version.

When Was the Bunsen Burner Created?

1855 was full of massive milestones in furnace development. The same year, the Bunsen Burner was created by Dr. Robert Bunsen. He came up with this idea for the reason of heating his laboratory. However, this invention pushed off a snowball effect of furnace development and led to the use of propane, oil, and gas-fed home heating system equipment. Even in the modern furnace, you can see how we still utilize Dr. Bunsen’s concept of the open flame using the pilot light.

When Did Electrical Based Heat Come Into the Picture?

Albert Marsh, known as the father of the electrical heating industry, discovered metal chrome in 1905. This allowed him to construct a heating element 300 times stronger than was being used at the time. Marsh’s invention converted electricity into heat by pushing electrical currents through it. His metal chrome discovery allowed the heating unit to withstand this conversion process. This was a vast improvement in furnace progression! 

When Was Centralized Heating Established?

Alice Parker created and patented the first centralized heating system in 1919. Thanks to her invention, we now reap the benefits of centralized heating units and their ability to distribute and circulate warm air properly throughout the home evenly.

Time has always allowed for technology and equipment to develop more efficiently. In the year 2022, we now enjoy optimal comfort in the warmth of our homes. And that is one of our priorities for our customers! We want the best for you and your family. If you are experiencing furnace issues, or maybe you can’t remember the last time your furnace was serviced, we would be more than happy to help! Let us show you our exceptional customer service. Contact Circleville Heating & Cooling today at (740) 281-5323, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!