Ever been curious about the age of your air conditioning unit? Maybe you’ve recently moved and lost track of the paperwork on it. No worries, it happens to the best of us! But hold on, don’t brush off this info as unimportant; it’s actually quite valuable information to keep in mind. Why? This is because air conditioners typically hang around for 15-20 years, depending on how well they’re taken care of. So, knowing how old your air conditioner is can be pretty useful info for any homeowner. That way, you are not left wondering and waiting for the day your AC decides to completely give out on you. 

Lucky for you, our trusty Circleville Heating & Cooling team has some cool steps to uncover the exact age of your air conditioner: 

The Nameplate Detective

Start your HVAC sleuthing by checking out the condenser, which is that big metal box hanging outside your home. On its side, you’ll find a nameplate that has all the manufacturer info. Look in the upper right corner of the nameplate for where it says MFR DATE (short got Manufacturer Date). Usually, it’s located in this area or at least at the top of the nameplate. If not, you can utilize your investigative skills further by proceeding to the step below. 

The Digital Investigator

If the manufacturer’s date isn’t visible, go ahead and jot down the unit’s brand, model, and serial number from the nameplate. To make it easier, snap a quick pic of the nameplate – easy peasy! Now, type the brand, model, and serial number into any online search engine and add “manufacture date” add the end of it. Then click search. Voilà! With a bit of luck, you’ll stumble upon a website with thorough instructions on how to decode your exact model’s manufacturing date. 

There you have it! At this point, the mystery of your air conditioner’s age should be cracked. But hey, if not, our skilled technicians are always ready to help out. As long as you’re not in a rush due to an HVAC emergency or whatnot, we can help you figure out your AC’s age during your next seasonal maintenance check. We’re here for all your HVAC needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out. And if you are experiencing an HVAC emergency, we are open 24/7, so please don’t hesitate to call us! 

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