It’s April Fool’s Day, but Circleville Heating & Cooling is all about keeping it real. You can trust us when we say we operate with full transparency! We are not in the business of making fools out of anyone. As such, we think it’s important to clear the air on some common HVAC myths. In the HVAC world, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s separate fact from fiction together. What better way to start off the month strong than with helpful information to keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year long? 

HVAC Myth One – Don’t Change Your Air Filters  

If you’ve been around the block with us, you already know – this is as false as it gets! Air filters are a must for any HVAC system to operate efficiently. And because they are heavily used all day long, they need to be switched out every 1-2 months. Skipping on changing them can cause issues like less airflow, higher bills, and system breakdowns. It’s like skipping an oil change for your car – it seems small, but it can have big consequences in the long run if left unchecked.   

Counter this Myth with Best Practices: Don’t forget to set reminders for changing your air filters on time as suggested per industry standards. Also, think about getting top-notch air filters to boost indoor air quality and shield your HVAC system from dust and debris.  

HVAC Myth Two Set Your Temperature Higher OR LOWER THAN NEEDED

This myth about cranking up your thermostat to heat your house faster is a common misconception. Residential HVAC systems actually deliver air at a constant rate, no matter the temperature setting. So, turning up the thermostat just results in excessive heating or cooling and higher energy bills, not quicker comfort. 

Counter this Myth with Best Practices: For the best comfort and efficiency, just set your thermostat to the temperature you like and give it a bit of time to get there. Additionally, if you don’t have one already, think about getting a programmable thermostat to tweak temps based on your routine for extra ease and energy savings. With a smart thermostat, no more waiting will be required!

HVAC Myth Three Place Your Thermostat Anywhere   

This is just another HVAC myth. It does matter! Where you put your thermostat really matters for your HVAC system’s accuracy and efficiency. If it’s too close to heat sources, in direct sunlight, or by drafts, you might get incorrect readings and uneven temps at home. This could mess with how your system blows out air. 

Counter this Myth with Best Practices: Make sure your thermostat is in a central spot on an inside wall, away from heat sources or drafts. If needed, chat with your HVAC tech for the ideal placement based on your system and home layout.  

HVAC Myth Four Don’t Schedule Your Seasonal Checkups   

This last point is, of course, false. It’s untrue because taking care of your HVAC system through preventative maintenance is super important for its durability and effectiveness. Having regular maintenance checks can help avoid sudden breakdowns, boost performance, and even prolong the system’s lifespan. It’s like giving your HVAC system a health check because spotting issues early on can prevent expensive repairs later. Plus, if you fail to keep up with your seasonal checkups, it actually voids the manufacturer’s warranty on your units. 

Counter this Myth with Best Practices: Plan regular service appointments with a licensed HVAC technician. You should aim for one AC checkup in spring/early summer and one furnace checkup in fall. These visits involve cleaning parts, inspecting for damage, and optimizing system performance. Taking this proactive approach can save you money in the long run and keep your system running smoothly each season for years to come.   

Don’t fall prey to these common HVAC myths, and let them make a fool out of ya! While they might seem harmless, they could end up costing you a pretty penny and even harm your HVAC system. Get the lowdown on the facts and follow industry best practices to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and comfortably for the long haul. Don’t fall for these common misconceptions; rely on the knowledge of your local NATE-certified techs from Circleville Heating & Cooling. Stay in the loop with us on all things HVAC-related by checking out the rest of our HVAC blogs!  

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