Are you unsure if your current air conditioner requires replacement? It can be intimidating to evaluate the potential benefits of a new upgrade, as there may be numerous “what-ifs” that come along with it. Here at Circleville Heating & Cooling, we understand that difficulty and want to help make sure you are making an informed decision about this important process. So don’t let any uncertainties stop you from weighing your options – continue reading for more information so you can choose what’s best for you! 


With proper maintenance, air conditioners can last anywhere from 12 to 17 years; however, this number may vary depending on the type of unit you have and the upkeep it has received over the years. If you have an AC that is nearing this time frame, it’s important to consider a few factors before deciding whether or not investing in repairs or purchasing a new upgrade would be better for your situation. Many times, repairing an existing unit is the more cost-effective solution! However, keep in mind that repairs are not ALWAYS the best option. Multiple repairs over time will only add up in expenses, plus you will be left with a patched-up unit that is in no way guaranteed to make it through the rest of the year. 


If your air conditioner eats up more than 46% of your monthly energy bill, it may be time to upgrade from “old faithful” in order to maximize efficiency. Keep in mind that for older cooling systems, the cost of R22 refrigerant is incredibly high due to it being outdated and now unregulated. As such, you may end up paying much higher costs over a long period if you choose not to replace it with a newer unit. Investing in an updated HVAC system can help lessen those power bills while ensuring greater longevity and comfort at home! Considering the advancements made in technology and the expensive compliance requirements put forward by environmental regulations, choosing to switch out your old air conditioner for a newer energy-efficient cooling system is an investment worth making. Not only will it save you money on rising refrigerant costs for older units, but more importantly, its lower carbon emissions make for improved indoor air quality (IAQ), giving you peace of mind with every breath you take at home. 


  1. Inconsistent Cooling: Are you constantly having to adjust your thermostat up and down due to fluctuating temperatures in your home? If so, this could be a sign that your cooling system is failing to regulate the temperature as it should. A modern air conditioning unit must not only cool the area but also keep the desired temperature consistent throughout all seasons. You may be tempted to repair your aging cooling system in an effort to save money and reduce upfront expenses. We emphatically suggest, however, that repairs are not always the best choice. By replacing it with a more energy-efficient system, you can bypass any future need for expensive modifications and instantly lower your utility costs—making this investment even more worthwhile! Not only will you recoup most of the cost over time but also increase your house’s resale value too! 
  1. Unwarranted Noise: Is your air conditioner excessively loud? Although this is common with older models, it could also mean that the unit or ductwork isn’t of the proper size for the square footage of your home. In such cases, it finds itself in overdrive trying to keep up with cooling a space too large for its capabilities.   
  1. Mysterious Dust Particles: Are you experiencing an excessive amount of dust throughout your home despite regular cleaning? If so, the problem may be coming from your worn-down ductwork. Leaks in the system can decrease its effectiveness and cause your air conditioner to run more frequently than necessary.  
  1. Bills: Remember: your air conditioning expenses should not exceed 46% of your total energy bill. As previously mentioned, an unexpectedly high energy bill can be a clear indication that it’s time for you to upgrade or replace your system.    


It’s important to only trust a certified and licensed professional with your HVAC system. Selecting a reliable company is essential because you deserve the best for your home and AC unit. Alongside the right tools, your new upgrade must be tailored to fit properly in your residence and installed correctly for maximum efficiency. You can feel secure knowing that an experienced service provider will execute all of these actions carefully. Having a dependable business with exceptional customer service is key to ensuring that you have the most enjoyable HVAC experience possible. At Circleville Heating & Cooling, we are committed to excellence and strive for 100% satisfaction from our clients. Our top-of-the-line equipment combined with efficient installation processes provides an effortless yet remarkable service every time! 

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