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If you’re worried about why your furnace’s pilot light has been extinguished, don’t worry just yet. This is a normal issue that can happen from time to time. Oftentimes, a draft is the main culprit behind an extinguished pilot light. But whatever caused your pilot light to go out, it will now need to be relit in order for your heating system to work again. Not quite sure how to relight your furnace’s pilot light? Here are some easy tips from your service pros at Circleville Heating & Cooling


Though it may seem like a daunting task, relighting your pilot light is easy and straightforward. However, as with anything, use caution while proceeding. 

Step 1:    

Most heating units have pilot light instructions on the side. These instructions come straight from the manufacturer and are assigned for your specific furnace model. However, there may be some circumstances where they’re hard to locate based off of the furnace’s location or due to lack of lighting in the surrounding area. If you can’t find or read your unit’s manufacturer instructions, don’t worry! Just follow the steps below. In addition, keep in mind that it would be good to have a long lighter or matchstick available before beginning the relighting process. 

Step 2:   

Most furnaces have a burner cover that protects the opening to the pilot light area. If your furnace has one of these, you will have to remove it first in order to obtain access to the pilot light. 

Step 3:   

Turn your furnace off entirely by flicking the power switch, which is usually located at the bottom of most furnaces. Since you have now turned off your furnace’s power and gas supply, it is crucial that you wait for a minimum of five minutes before proceeding further. This is especially important because the gas that was previously turned on needs enough time to sufficiently dissipate before once again reigniting the pilot light. 

Step 4:   

In the meantime, during this five-minute wait, you should utilize this time to locate the pilot light assembly. The pilot light assembly generally has wording like “pilot, reset, or on/off” written on it. Just keep in mind that the wording may vary from furnace to furnace. 

Step 5:   

After the gas has dispersed, it is safe to continue. To reset the pilot light on the pilot light assembly, turn the knob to “pilot” mode. Doing this enables gas to flow to the burner in order to prepare for reignition. Now press and hold down the designated button that says “reset” while simultaneously bringing an ignited lighter toward the burner to ignite. Be sure to keep your hand pressed on the reset button. Once the ignited lighter is close enough, the pilot light should spark, and the pilot flame should remain lit. Congratulations! You have now learned how to relight your furnace’s pilot light. Once you have confirmed the pilot light is aglow, you may let go of the “reset” button. 

Step 6: Make sure the gas supply is turned back on and the burner is placed back into its original position if you had to remove it. 

Although you may not need to relight your pilot light now, it’s always a good idea to know how. In addition, bear in mind that if the pilot goes out after you relight it, be sure to call a professional like Circleville Heating & Cooling for help. If you are dealing with a pilot light that is continually snuffing out, there may be a component-related issue.  

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