Do Pets Affect Your HVAC Performance? 

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As a homeowner, we know you want to do whatever you can to keep your HVAC system in excellent condition. But as a pet owner, have you thought about the effects having a pet, or multiple pets may have on your HVAC system? Now hold your horses; before you start thinking that we are encouraging you to rehome your pet, that is definitely not the case! We appreciate all members of your family, including the furry ones! At Circleville Heating & Cooling, we want our valued customers to be mindful of the negative effects pet hair and dander can have on HVAC systems so that you can adjust and act accordingly to keep your system running efficiently.

Does Your Pet Get Groomed Regularly?

Shedding is the culprit behind pet hair causing harmful effects on your HVAC system. For this reason, it makes sense to try and keep your pet’s shedding under control as much as possible. Although you will not be able to stop shedding 100% in its tracks, you can significantly lessen the amount of stray pet hair and dander around your home simply by grooming your pet regularly. So depending on the type of breed your pet is and how many pets you have, you may want to set aside a specific time on your schedule every week to set aside extra time for brushing. We prefer to think of it as extra bonding time.

Does Using a Barrier Help Protect Your HVAC System?

If you have a basement where your furnace is exposed and not enclosed in, you should consider using a barrier to keep your pet away from the vicinity. These keep your pet out of harm’s way, but it also reduces the chances of pet fur getting caught near the pilot light and sparking a fire. It is good to be mindful of keeping the area clear of accumulated dust and pet hair for the same reason. Keep in mind that dust bunnies and pet hair are considered  a fire hazard, especially if it gets blown into the pilot light.

Does Filtering the Air Help with Pet Dander & Fur?

You can help your HVAC system by keeping fur and dander under control through air filtration. Here are several ways you can do so:

  1. You Can Use UV Lights- UV lights are beneficial due to their success rate and ability to zap airborne particles and contaminants at their core. This method keeps the contaminant from rejuvenating and distributing itself throughout your home. If you are a homeowner who struggles with finding the time to keep up with the pet fur and dander regularly, adding UV lights to your HVAC system may be a beneficial option for you.
  1. You Can Use an Air Purifier- Air purifiers are another means of air purification. There are various models available on the market, depending on your need. From tabletop options to whole home purification systems, different types are available for all home sizes and price budgets. As a plus, because they filter out airborne particles, contaminants, and other pollutants, they help alleviate allergy symptoms and provide relief to those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory-related conditions.
  1. You Can Change Your Air Filters-  We’ve said it before, and we will gladly say it again – it is crucial to change your HVAC air filters every 30-60 days. Doing this keeps the air quality within your home at a high level and enables the airflow from your HVAC system to function smoothly.
  1. You Can Use HEPA Air Filters- HEPA air filters have a 99.7% efficiency success rate. They are known to remove bacteria, dust particles, and other airborne contaminants. This is a great option to consider if you have multiple pets in your home. You benefit from extra filtering to ease your HVAC system without having to change up too much in your routine.

Circleville Heating & Cooling is committed to providing you with five-star customer service. We want to help provide our customers with a safe and comfortable environment for your whole family – furry family members included! So don’t delay; if you have any HVAC questions or concerns, call us today at (740) 218-5323, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!